Get to Know My Storytelling

I often talk about conservation, science communication, and the power of storytelling in the stewardship of the environment. I’m happy to guest lecture, host workshops, or do one-on-one training for the creative and accurate communication of science!

Pelecanus x Smithsonian Earth Optimism

A Conservation Conversation: A Discussion for Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Earth Day

This was a deep dive into the process of creating environmental communications content for the sake of showing innovative conservation futures. The founders of Pelecanus, a conservation-based collective committed to telling these types of stories and demonstrating optimism through science, sit down with professionals to discuss cutting-edge conservation and the role communications play in helping humanity thrive together on our shared planet.

Earth Optimism's Conservation Commons announcement of earth day programing

Speaking Engagements

  • Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University: Graduate Student Organization Seminar on Science Communication
  • Women in Conservation (supported by Defenders of Wildlife): Storytelling Workshop
  • University of California Santa Barbara: Science Communication Guest Lecture
  • NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center: The Effective Communication of Science for the West Hawai’i IEA

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