Kestrel Blue Digital was born out of a need for accurate and engaging science communication. In the environmental field, communications goals can include education, behavior change, financial support, brand visibility, policy influence, and more. The way that your message is presented is based on your goal and your audience. Too often, there is a disconnect between the subject matter experts and the communicators. My goal is to retain the accurate science the messaging is based in, while making it easier for everyone to share pertinent information that will advance conservation.

Megan Joyce

Digital Content Creator

My favorite parts of life have always involved conversations. Talking about wildlife conservation and environmental protection isn’t just a job for me, it’s a lifestyle. Whether I’m on the chairlift at a ski resort talking to someone about climate change’s impact on the outdoor recreation industry and the organization Protect Our Winters or I’m birding at the Washington County Grasslands and talking to someone about the timing of bird migrations and Defenders of Wildlife, I can feel that conversations make a difference. And as a Digital Content Creator, I get to have conversations, both online and offline, about something I am deeply passionate about in order to protect the planet we all inhabit.

I graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, concentrating in wildlife conservation and communications. I also double-minored, pursuing classes in Climate Change and Marine Biology. I set out to learn the background science I needed to know to understand the intricacies of the issues and potential solutions. But I also studied and practiced effectively communicating that science to a variety of audiences. The courses I’ve taken and the professional experiences I’ve had have all been about improving my ability to make a difference in the world, or just one person’s life, using the power of words.

Currently I am pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at Syracuse University, concentrating in nonprofit management. My focus is on policy analysis, public participation and facilitation, and decision making.

I also spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors with my camera and have photography available for sale or use on a separate site.

Kestrel in flight looking down

“Kestrel Blue Digital”

pays homage to the sparrow hawk – the smallest of the falcons in North America. A tenacious hunter on the wing, American kestrels are easily identifiable by their rust-colored tails and black malar stripes, but the males really stand out with slate-blue heads and wings.

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