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Kestrel Blue Digital

Digital Strategy and Content Development for Environmental Disciplines

Creating engaging and accurate scientific content for a variety of audiences and providing communications strategy and services.


services include many types of digital content creation with a focus on environmental topics like wildlife or habitat conservation and climate change


copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, storytelling

website DESIGN

content strategy, content management, layout


messaging, social media planning, campaigns

Experience in Digital Content


blogs posted per year


blogs written per year


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1 year

website redesign

Get to Know My Storytelling

The environmental world needs engaging and technically proficient communications that motivate the audience to action. My goal is to provide content that is:

  • Creative
  • Tailored
  • Targeted
  • Inspiring
  • Accurate


Pack Natural Resources Management Essay Contest

For expressing to the public and write about forestry in a way that affects or interests the public.

“The Case for Exploration”


Gertrude Spencer Prize

For knowledge of writing in the scientific discipline.

“Black-footed Ferrets: The Link between Behavior, Reproduction, and Conservation”

Honorable Mention

Exceptional Service Award

For exceptional contributions to the success of Defenders of Wildlife, saving Santa Ana NWR from border wall construction.

Border Wall Campaign

Team Award

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